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Jun 13, 2011
Sex Advice
Hello Dr. There was this girl I dated and we had a good time together, which I will never forget. Well as we dated she wanted to have sex with me. But from the start of our relationship I knew it was only sex she wanted from me. A girl that I know told her that I was a virgin. I think she wanted to see if it was true. When the time came I could not get an erection at all. I felt so bad that I could not look into her eyes. That was the first time this happened to me. I am now worried sick...
May 4, 2011
Sex Advice
Generally, I have sex using condoms at least four times in a week and it has been continuing for the past 9 months. Also we will be continuing for the next year as we don't want child for the next one year. So I just want to know whether using a condom this much will harm me or my partner or have any long term effect. Signed: Usage of Condoms
Jan 12, 2011
Sex Advice
Hi, I'm feeling a little unsure about me and whether I am able to climax. I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years now and I have never once climaxed during sex. I am also incapable of making myself climax, I can't get there. It's making me feel hurt and rejected. Whenever my boyfriend mentions someone else, who I feel is capable of doing so I feel like he should leave me for her. I don't feel like he is happy with me, because I can't get there. And I...
Oct 28, 2010
Sex Advice
I have been taking Rize2 as a enhancer and I was wondering if the ingredients are the same as the Viagra pill? I do last alot, alot, longer than normal, but when I don't take the pill, it does goes down after I ejaculate. Is this normal? Sometimes if I am really aroused I can easily go again, become erect and ejaculate again. Is this normal too?
Oct 21, 2010
Sex Advice
Good morning, Dr. Turndorf. For some time something is bothering me. A few months ago, I slept with a girl. It is said that when girls have sex for the first time, it hurts and some blood could appear. The question is: "Could" or "Surely" does blood appear. 'Cause I did not see any trace of blood. I forgot to mention that she's only 14, maybe age matters. I want to know if she was truly in pain when she was screaming at my head, or I wasn't the first one....
Oct 13, 2010
Sex Advice
My wife doesn't want to have sex with me. The only time she wants to is when she wants to get pregnant then that's the end of me. I've tried talking to her but it seems as if she is listening but it never changes. Tell me doctor what must I do. Signed: worried
Oct 1, 2010
Sex Advice
Hi Doc, I just had a sex for the first time with my girlfriend of four months. After we had sex she asked me is there anything I would like to say to her about my sexual life...I asked her what do you want me to say coz I don't know what she wanted to hear....Every time we have a conversation on this subject, she brings up this question...I don't know what to say doc could you assist me in that regard.  
Sep 21, 2010
Sex Advice
I'm 24 years old. I'm not so happy with what happened between me and my girl friend. Let me lay it out here so you might be able to help me with a suitable solution. Here goes: I was dating a girl for 3 years without any problem, but the problem started when we decided to have sex. Every night when we had sex in  the morning she felt abdominal pain. She said it feels like something is pulling her fallopian tube. A day later she would have discharge. She was changing pad...
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