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Jan 12, 1998
Sex Advice
I have this problem, before I became pregnant, me and my husband had intercourse several times, and it never bothered me. Now that I am pregnant, we seldom make love and when we do it hurts. I mean it hurts so bad, I can barely stand to do it. I hate feeling like this because I know it bothers my husband. I have talked to my Dr. about it and she didn't help much. When we make love it feels like I'm drawn up. I have this fear that making love while I am pregnant will hurt the baby. Before, I...
Jan 5, 1998
Sex Advice
Dear Dr.Love: I do not even know where to begin, but here goes. I am 36 years old, the mother of a 12 yr. old girl with a limited divorce, which basically means we are not together, but cannot marry anyone. As such he is obligated to provide certain husbandly perks i.e. health insurance for me until such time as we have an absolute divorce. Mind you this does not exist anymore for all practical terms but it was what my husband served me with and so it is. Last Jan. he served me with...
Dec 29, 1997
Sex Advice
I've recently run into a problem that I've never encountered before. I've been dating this man for two months now and we recently decided to take the relationship to the next stage and make love. Well, we had fooled around before this and I would say that my love has an average size penis. When we made love, I experienced a suction sensation that was on the border of painful but mostly just uncomfortable. I couldn't continue. He says that it is because of the width of his penis and he has had...
Dec 8, 1997
Sex Advice
Dear Dr. Love: I am 24 years old and have trouble getting erections. I am so afraid that I won't be able to perform that many times I can't. I am totally scared to approach women for dates because I have sure that they will dump me once they discover my problem. Is there any way I can cure this problem even though I don't have much money? Thanks so much.
Dec 8, 1997
Sex Advice
Dear Dr. Love: I am a 25 year old woman. I have had several boyfriends but never could bring myself to make love with any of them. About five years ago, I had my first sexual experience when I was raped by a middle-aged man--my boss. It was so painful. Now, whenever a boyfriend tries to do it, I remember the pain and refuse him. I am so afraid of the pain that I can't even insert my finger or a tampon. One doctor told me that pain was a mental thing and that I would probably never be able to...
Dec 8, 1997
Sex Advice
Dear dr love: I have always felt trapped in the wrong body. If I wanted a sex change operation, would I have to speak with a psychiatrist, or could I go ahead and do it?
Dec 1, 1997
Sex Advice
Dear Dr. Love: I have enjoyed reading your answers over the last few months, and I have learned a lot. I decided that it was time to ask a question of my own. It may seem stupid and trivial, but I need to know. I have heard that a shaken up Coke or 7-Up or other soda can be used as a contraceptive douche. Is this true?
Dec 1, 1997
Sex Advice
Dear Dr. Love: I have a really embarassing question. I was a virgin when I married my first husband. I always hated sex with him. Finally after 17 years we eventually divorced. Now I'm seeing a new man and sex has been wonderful with him, but he seems to have a problem with penetration. He seems to have trouble entering me. I am worried that something is wrong with my body and I am too ashamed to talk with my doctor about this. Can you tell if something is wrong with me?
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