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Jan 25, 1999
Sex Advice
Dear Dr. Love, I am a 22-year old, married woman. I was a virgin until marriage. The first time my husband and I had sex, my hymen broke. I started bleeding very badly. That same day, I started my period. It scared me. Should I be worried? After my period, the second time we had sex, I bled again. I didn't understand it that time. It really scared me. Can you please help me? Thank you.
Jan 25, 1999
Sex Advice
I am 32 years old and I am currently seeing a very attractive 30 year old female. My problem is snowballing and becoming more and more problematic I am having trouble getting and maintaining erections with my girlfriend. I have no problem masturbating and can do so 5 to 7 times a day. My problem occurs when I try to make love to my girlfriend. I have a very large penis (9) and she is very small, 97lbs. On our first attempt to make love I was very nervous that I would hurt her and as a...
Jan 11, 1999
Sex Advice
My wife and I have been married since '95, but have been living together about eight years. We are both 29. We have a 15 month old very well behaved little boy. Our sex life has been a little less than regular (not just since we had the boy) and I am starting to get extremely aggravated. I am a very sexual person, (I think about sex a lot), and I would like to have sex with my wife more than once a month, which is what we are averaging. In fact, I would enjoy about once a day. We have talked...
Jan 4, 1999
Sex Advice
Dear Dr Love, I think I am going crazy. I am a 59 year old woman married 33 years. I never had orgasm by intercourse. All of a sudden I want sex 3 times a day. My husband has had prostrate surgery, and even tho he has viagra, is scared to use it. Consequently, I have been masturbating myself into orgasm, but 1 orgasm is just the beginning. It seems as tho I could masturbate 24 hours a day, and have results. Every time he leaves the house if for more than a few minutes, I masturbate...
Dec 21, 1998
Sex Advice
Hello!During foreplay my boyfriend swears that he can taste something sweet comming from my nipples when he is sucking on them... I am not pregnant, nor have I ever had any kids. What could this be? Is it his imagination?Thanks much!
Dec 21, 1998
Sex Advice
I am still technically a virgin. When my boyfriend penetrates me with his hand, sometimes it hurts when he goes in really deep. Is this normal?
Dec 21, 1998
Sex Advice
My question involves coping with a sexual mistake I have been having oral sex with my boyfriend who i recently broke up with. Last time we were together, we were intense to the point where he fingered me and I think he de virginized me. Now Im paranoid that when i meet the right guy, he won't believe that i never had sexual intercourse and that he'll be disgusted by me. Am i overeacting? I need advice on how to deal. :)
Dec 7, 1998
Sex Advice
Dr. Love, is there such a thing as a ' normal' sex drive? My boyfriend can't go more than a couple of days without getting really bothered if we don't have sex, but I don't really want it that often - particularly if I'm very busy and have a lot going on. I still want to cuddle and spend time with him, but if we go several days, or even a week or two when I'm really tired or busy, it doesn't bother me. He had a bad childhood and seems to have a real need for the physical connection. I, on...
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