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Oct 10, 2015
Sex Advice
Hi, I will make this quick. Why do I never feel any pleasure during sex? Even without a condom. And I can’t ejaculate during intercourse, I’ve never done this. Sometimes I have ED, it was worse before but better now with supplementation, lifestyle, and exercise etc. I’m 37, haven’t really been in serious relationships, mostly dating or picking up girls randomly. Sometimes I performed well, other times I didn’t. I have tried ED supplements, but not the pharmaceutical kind, but they...
Sep 28, 2015
Sex Advice
I am a 22 you male virgin who has never had a girkfriend. I worry that this is a bad thing and will only lead to rejection when found out. I had a troubled start to life and when most people my age where starting to become sexaul active I was developing depression and anxiety. My mental health has improved greatly and I have a good job but I still feel like my lack of experience will be a instant turn off. I never had affection as a child soo sex is only secondary to me. I'm looking for love...
Feb 17, 2015
Sex Advice
Hi Dr Love I just met a guy and he is lovely but straight away he confided he is turned on by urination, Im not disgusted by this but im also not turned on by it and I get the impression that it is the only thing that can get him off, he more or less admited that. Sex is very important to me and I feel like his fantasy is very limiting if he cant get off on my body alone or other things apart from urination, am I wasting my time seeing him again do you think this is something that he cant...
Aug 24, 2014
Sex Advice
Thanks for taking my question. I am a 47 year old male and very much in love with my wife.  We are both very sexually active and she pleases me very much, with one exception.  When she performs oral sex she won't let me finish in her mouth.  I really don't care if she swallows my semen or not, I just would like to finish in her mouth with out pulling away, it just kills the orgasm when you stop and pull it out.  We had this discussion many years ago and she stated to me that...
Jun 9, 2014
Sex Advice
I'm 30 years old, and grew up in a conservative south Asian culture, where dating and premarital sex are frowned upon, and in general kept secret from the older generation. I've been rejected twice by women whom I've been attracted to (and who've mildly flirted with me), but didn't want to be asked out. I've always felt that they didn't give me a decent shot and didn't get to know me well. Also I'm a bit on the darker side complexion wise, and while I think I'm pretty handsome and good looking...
May 13, 2014
Sex Advice
Dear Dr Love, I am about to get married and I found out today the man I am marrying has been using Viagra since we met. I'm not quiet sure how to feel about this. We havent had a lot of 'physical time' together as we live in different countries (even though we have known each other for more than 2 years). I will be with him in a couple of weeks and even though he said it has nothing to do with how much he desires me it has affected my ego. I found out from a script, and he told me that we...
Apr 21, 2014
Sex Advice
Hello; My name is Derek. I must say that your site is quite impressive-lots of good info, but I could not find anything about the subject I have in question, and that is this. First of all, I must say that I know that I am not gay or bisexual.I have never had a girlfriend like the one I have now. She is a physical therapist and aerobics instructor, and I am an engineer. I am 25,  she is 24. Her name is Jessica. We have been together for about 3 years, and in those two years, only have...
Mar 25, 2014
Sex Advice
My wife and I are in our mid 40s.  We have been married for 17 years.  My wife used to want sex very often but several years ago, she had a total hysterectomy.  Since then, she says she has no interest in sex.  At times we have not been intimate for 6-9 months.  I love her with all my heart and want to experience the best sex life possible with her.  I would do anything with her and I have a strong desire to give and receive all forms of pleasure with her. What I...
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