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Relationship Advice

This page lists all my latest advice columns in the Sex Advice categories.

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Relationship Advice

This page lists all my latest advice columns in the Relationship Advice Category.

There are three main categories of advice: Relationships, Dating, and Sex. Click on any of the following links to see a summary of articles in that category:

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May 11, 2015
Relationship Advice
I began dating a man who has been legally separated from his wife for almost 2 years. We've only dated for a couple of months, but since the beginning of our relationship, he would "one-up" me using his wife. Example, I told him I have a bachelor's. He would respond with,"That's it? Well, my wife has two bachelor's...."  It was anything I can do, his wife can do better. It went further and involved my family and her family. I had always addressed the issue and he would back...
Apr 5, 2015
Relationship Advice
Hi. I am an 18 year old girl who has been in a relationship with a guy who is 30 for a year now. Our relationship hasn't been the best and I think it's both our faults. This guy left his ex girlfriend who was 28 years old for me that I'm 18. After getting together, he kept talking to her and I had this idea in my head that if he cheated on her he would most likely do it to me so I constantly questioned him I constantly argued over HER. He was very sweet in the beginning but I think the...
Feb 17, 2015
Relationship Advice
I am 23 and I have been married for 1 and 1/2 years. seven years ago when I was in high school I fell for a guy from my church (not my husband). we were a fling for a while but never amounted to a relationship (I kinda ended things with him when he was in the army after he graduated high school - he is 2 years older than me). we never lost contact and would occasionally see each other in groups of our church friends. i never got over him or could stop thinking of him. one day 2 years ago (in...
Jan 21, 2015
Relationship Advice
On one of your articles you said that the only thing you should say by text or email to your ex is this  "I've been thinking it over and I'm beginning to realize why you were so unhappy with me and felt that breaking upBreaking up refers to the dissolution of a romantic love relationship. Many people have a tendency to break up in order to preempt or discharge unwanted or painful feelings. For example, if you are...(Click for full definition.) was the only answer".  Then you go to no...
Jan 19, 2015
Relationship Advice
Dear Dr. Love, My father died suddenly when I was a little girl age 7. Since then I sometimes feel he is guiding me but I question it and feel I am making it up. I am age 65 now and would like so much to know it is really him talking to me because I miss him so much. Right now I especially would like to connect with him because I just lost my job and have some health challengesChallenges are, in the words of the Serendipity prayer, "things you cannot change". The challenge is to have a joyful...
Oct 21, 2014
Relationship Advice
In 1997 I was drugged then raped by both males and females, publicly and captured on people's mobiles. This was then shared throughout my town. This attracted unwelcome attention from males which included another similar event in 2008.Sadly the people responsible were care workers and "friends"and sinceI had no memories of the events. I have been slandered,lied about and sexually abused.No-one believes me and my partnerdoesn't either and says I have destroyed his life What can I do when he...
Oct 21, 2014
Relationship Advice
Hi Dr. Love!  I am hoping to gain some insight into something that has been perplexing me for a couple years.  My job requires me to doa  lot of driving during the day, and there are days in which I see more than 20 headlights out, usually on my left.  Often one right after the other, or one coming toward me and one in my rear view mirror!  Some days I see more than 20, and some days it is only a few.  I have tried to understand this message, be conscious of what I...
Aug 24, 2014
Relationship Advice
Hi Dr.Jamie, Love your program. My question is I am hearing a voice of a person that is alive yet  In the past I've heard this but because of a bad situation. This I heard yesterday. I heard my name clearly and felt a hand on me.  I know it was the voice of someone I'm seeing. What does this kind of thing mean to me or them? We both believe in spirits  and I talk to them. I'm concerned what this means. He is 60 miles away and it was 8:30 Saturday morning. Thank you for...
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