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Jul 6, 2014
Dating Advice
Hello So I recently met someone while on vacation the story begins like this I saw this woman from across the bar and I immediately knew we were from the same city, I went over and asked her if she was from said city and she said yes. We were hitting it off very well in even having the same birthday and the same mundane interests. For the next three days we spent every minute together prompting her sister to say I've never seen her this happy. We are both in our 30 ' and professional, Leading...
Jul 6, 2014
Relationship Advice
hello.i am 29, married to my husband for 7 yrs. before i met him, i was in a long distance relationship with my ex for 3 years.we were classmates before i moved here to the us. he was the nicest,most gentle man i have ever known. i gave all of my heart to him, he never did anything to hurt me,both physically and emotionally even if i had a horrible temper at that time.he is educated and we already talked about marriage,i really thought it's him.he is my ideal man i have always longed for.later...
Jul 6, 2014
Relationship Advice
I went to see the lad I love on Wednesday morning and when he got to his house he was still in bed, so I went up to go wake him and he looked gorgeous but now I'm beating myself up cos I wish I had snuggled up to him  and now I'm feeling down cos I only spent an hr with him cos he was busy but we walked back to mine. But I just wish he could be mine and it's getting it's all I want, cos all I wanted to do today was just get into his bed and cuddle him and hold hands when we were...
Jul 1, 2014
Relationship Advice
It's been a month and ten days since my ex and I broke up. He broke up with me because he felt he wasn't ready for the relationship despite his strong feelings for me (he's a very insecure person when it comes to love, kind of like the type of guy who wants his independence but won't let you let him go?), and then I told him that we should stop everything because I was starting to feel like he was going to hurt me and that I wasn't okay with that. He asked me to be friends with him but honestly...
Jul 1, 2014
Relationship Advice
My boyfriend and I have been together for over 4 years now, living together for almost 3  years. From the 2nd date, he knew that I wanted in the future to get married and have just one child of my own. He has two kids from a previous marriage, so it was important to me to find out right away if he was willing in the future to have more children, or if two was all he wanted. He said he was willing to have more. Once we got into our actual relationship, I reminded him that if he ever decided...
Jul 1, 2014
Relationship Advice
Hi Dr. Turndorf, I have listened you your program through Podcast and absolutely feel that you are so understanding, I love listening to your program as it gives all the insight about relationship which our parent never taught us when we were young and all that we learned from was their worry, anxiety. We know that they love us very much but did not explain why they did what they did or said what they said to their children or they spouse. After several week of despair decided to write this...
Jul 1, 2014
Relationship Advice
My name is michelle and am 28 years, my life is a life time movie with men and feel am sick and  i tired i have been dating men who leave me in tears and pain... the first one lift me on the of day of our wedding and left me with pain and shame to my family, second one after being with him for so long in vain later told me he cant marry me i had to move on with my life in pain again... the third one who was a pastor and thanked God that this one since he is a pastor he's gonna marry me...
Jun 22, 2014
Relationship Advice
Hi, and thanks. I have not yet been married a year.  I'm 29 and my wife is 47.  She has been married 4 other times before and every ex-husband has cheated on her.  I have never cheated on anyone, not even close, in my entire life and I have never been cheated on myself.  I've dated women who were extremely insecure and jealous and I've always thought highly of my wife because for the most part she doesn't act this way at all. A girl I work with is 20.  This girl has...
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