Your Wife is Trying to Shove Religion Down Your Throat

When I met my wife I wasn't into religion. We heve been married for almost two years and the other day she confronted me, telling me that she feels like our marriage isn't going to work because I am not as religious as she is. Because I don't sit down and read the bible with her at night.

I have nothing against religion but I am not a religious person. She tells me different things the bible says about relationships and how if you have a believer and a non-beleiver, the marrriage will not last. I work a full time job and plus I go to college full time in the evening after work. I spend my weekends with my family or with her.

Her family is real religious so I don't speak to them at all because every time I do they start preaching to me about God and how I need to find him. I don't drink or do drugs, I served five years in the Marines I thought I was doing pretty good with my life so far. I'm not saying that I don't beleive I just don't take it near as serious as she does. Especially to the extent that its worth ending our marriage over.

She knew how I was when we first met and I went to church with her a few times. We have a pretty good mariage for the most part. We have arguments from time to time over small things but nothing like this. We have split up before and got back together and I truly thought everything was going good until the other night. I go to work and school and come home. To be honest, I will never be like her when it comes to religion. Just as I never expect her to be into computers and duck hunting like I am.

What advice can you give me to address this problem. I don't want to live my life with someone who thinks that I need to change my life with God. That's something I should be able to do on my own. She takes religion very serious to the extent that I should be able to relate problems we have to problems in the bible and ask God to resolve everything. Sorry I'm not like that.

Can you help me?

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