Wondering If You're Paranoid

Dear Dr. Love,

I think that I may just be paranoid. I keep thinking that my live in boyfriend is seeing someone when I'm at work. I haven't a real reason to think the thoughts that I do. The only thing I know is that we have had two phone calls from a mystery person. This person sounded exactly the same the 2 different times I had talked with them. The first call was supposedly some type of creditor. The second was a wrong number. These calls were at times when I was at home and should have been at work.

I don't want to anger my boyfriend by such a ridiculous notion. However I have talked with him in the past about my insecurities. He is very good to me and always says that he doesn't understand where these type of thoughts are coming from. I am not one who is usually the jealous type. However I usually have a good intuition. Is it possible that I'm just scared of having things too good, and just need to find something wrong with our relationship?

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