What Can You Do to Help an Anger Junkie?

I have been with my girlfriend for over 6 months. Our relationship has been a roller coaster ride. The problem is that she needs to get couseling for anger problems. She went from being abused as a child both sexually and physically, not to mention being abused from her two past realtionships. Since I met her I have told that I am the best thing that could have happened to her. Her two kids love me like a father, also she is expecting my child.

Things have been rocky from the start, but things just got bad ever since she got pregnant about 7 weeks ago. Her anger has gotten out of control to the point that she is now verbally abusing me. She tells me things that really hurt. I love her more than anything in this world. I worry about her and my unborn child. At this point we are separated and have been for 3 weeks now with no communication as of today.

I give her an ultimatium in which I regret now, but I can't continue living with someone who is always hurting me. I have tried numerous times to get her the help she needs but she tell me that I am the one who needs help and not her. I know she is still mad at me and probably hates me for all the wrong reasons. At this time I am severly hurting for her, my child and the kids involved.

All I want is to have a nice happy family. I don't want my child to grow up in a broken home. I miss her and want her back so much but not without getting help. I gave her everything a women could possibly want in life yet that wasn't good enough. I treated her with respect, lots of love and most of all treated her like she should have always been treated. Please help me. I don't want to lose her or her kids for the way she is acting. Everyone in her family is taking it hard except her.

Why is she like that? What is her problem? What can I do for her to help? Thank you for your advice.

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