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We Need to Get Past This

Dear Dr. Love,

My husband and I have been married for 9 months now. We have going through a lot of adjustments just as all newly wed couples do. However, it seems that we are just not stopping the constant arguing. Of course over the most rediculous things.

But it seems to almost always turn into an arguments filled with insults. Now, I have come to the point where I cannot stand to hear these painful insults anymore. These things he says to me, although he says he does not mean them, are not going away. I just keep thinking, does he really think this way of me. It makes me very depressed and I know it shows. I even feel like he isn't attracted to me and doesn't like me, because of the things he has said.

I have asked him to stop, and it isn't . His temper and anger seem to be getting worse. I absolutely know he loves me very much. I just don't know how to make it stop. Walking away doesn't help, fighting back doesn't help.

He does feel horrible when he has these outbursts of insults. And he makes sure I know how much he loves me, and takes back everything he says, but isn't there some truth to words we say in anger.

I know he is an absolutely wonderful person, we just need to get past this and move on. But how?


First thing to do is read my book, Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First). You can buy it right here on the site and download it immediately. The program I outline in the book has helped over 90% of all married, unmarried, and gay couples who use it stop fighting and create a loving connection. Before you say another word to each other, read the book!

The problem here is that you are both locked into what I call Open Warfare Fight Traps. You both must agree that name-calling and insults are not allowed from this day forth. If you can't say something constructive, then shut up and walk away. Don't discuss any of your hot topics until you learn how to properly transform your raw rage into communications that are assertive, not damaging.

My book will show you exactly how to do this. At first it will seem strange to plan out what you are going to say before speaking, but this censorship is necessary for two people who act on impulse, shooting first and thinking later.

Remember, relationships are like rubber bands. They can only be stretched so far until they eventually snap. We all know there’s no way to repair a rubber band once it’s snapped. So commit to my program and your fights will be thing of the past. 

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