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Torn Between Two Lovers

i have a very big problem and i don't think that anyone but you could help me. i'm 18 years old and since i was 13 i loved a girl with me in school (her name is rania), i loved her very much and i keep thinking of her all the time. i kept this a secret and no one ever knew that i loved her even her she didn't know, i never told her anything we were only friends but we were close.

but 8 months ago it was her birthday so i bought her a present, i gave it to her and on that day i told her how much i love her and how much i care about her, but she told me that she thinks that being friends would be better. nothing happened after this day between me and her.

a month after this day i fell in love with rania 's best friend. i told this girl that i love her, and she became my girlfriend and we are still together uptill now. but something very strange happened. 3 weeks ago rania 's sister told me that rania NOW has feelings for me and that she loves me. ever since i knew this i feel very confused and i don't know what to do. because i love the girl that im with now, and i also think that i still love rania.

thank you


You are in a bind. Let's break this down. A month after Rania said that she wanted to stay friends, you fell madly in love with her best friend. Now that you are with someone else, Rania wants you. As a result, you are torn between your girlfriend and Rania.

I wonder if it's possible that you developed feelings for Rania 's best friend as a way of staying close to Rania after she refused you. In other words, do you really love this other girl or did you choose her as a standby for Rania?

If you think that you really do love this other girl for who she is, and not as a substitute for Rania, then you are going to need to make a hard decision. Do you want to give up a loving relationship and tke a chance with Rania? What do you risk in doing this? Is it possible that Rania only wants you because you are taken?

Nobody can tell you what to do. You need to soul search and ask yourself the hard questions I posed above. When you know your heart completely, you will be in a better position to make the right decision.

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