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Is There a Way to Say I Love You without Gifts?

How do you tell someone you love them without gifts.


The best way to tell someone you love him or her is to use your words. After all, our main mode of communication is words. Use your words to tell your beloved what you adore about him or her.

Show interest in him/her and be a good listener, especially when he/she is angry with you! On the nonverbal front, show your love by being attentive and responsive to his/her needs.

Praise the way he/she is responsive and attentive to you. Make your beloved feel like the most important person in the world. See to it that his/her needs and feelings your top priority.

Keep in mind that it's easiest to love when you feel loving. The real challenge is to behave lovingly even when you're angry. This is a human being's highest spiritual challenge. When you're angry, communicate your feelings in a constructive way.

Say your thoughts and feelings and describe why you have them. No ranting, raving, screaming, yelling or name calling. Likewise, when your beloved is angry with you listen, reflect back what you hear so your beloved knows that you understand how he/she feels and why.

If you do all this, your beloved will know that you love him/her. . . . and your love with last for eternity.

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