Should I. . . ?


I am in High school (12th grade-17 years old).

I like this one girl who lives 12 hours drive away from me. I've known her for 4 years and I've gone out with her for two months when I use to live near her. I have liked her for the past 3 years and still do. I am not even sure if she likes me more than a friend.

The thing is everything between her and me is a MEANT TO BE forever type. I am on excellent terms with her parents and she is the same with mine. We see each other usually every 6 months for about a week (summer is 3 weeks).

But I can make an effort to go more often now that I drive. We flirt with each other and have great times. I know for a FACT that right now a relationship with her no matter who the guy is, would last NO more than a couple months. I would never want to break up with her.

My question is that should I ask her out, get intimate, tell her my feelings? or should I just remain good friends with her? (then I worry that she will have a boyfriend)

I want to know if it's more beneficial in terms of eventually marriage to go out with her more than once (several times in high school and 1st/2nd year college) or should I ONLY go out with her once for a LONG time (2+ years before marriage happens) in our 3rd- 4th year college?

s it more beneficial, no difference, or would it hinder, to go out with her and break up several times for making a more serious commitment? I can move closer to her for my last year of high school if need be.

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