She is Friendly with Her Ex and You're Not Liking it

Dear Dr. Turndorf,

I've been dating my girlfriend for about a year and five months. Recently we've been having problems.

I found out that her ex-boyfriend that she only went out with for three months in the past had called her at her job to talk to her again or whatever his intensions are. But my girlfriend gave him her cell number. She is the type of person that thinks that talking to any guy from her past is ok.

She never loved her ex. I am her first love, so she considers her ex-boyfriend as a friend, so she says.

But it bothers me. I don't like her talking to him. She tells me he only calls her once every two weeks or so. She sees nothing wrong with it but I think is not right to be talking to her ex even if it is just for friendship. It does not bother me she talks to guys but only if I know them and I know there will be nothing between them.

She tells me I'm wrong. She says she loves me and only me and other people won't come between me and her. I feel like if she cheated on me because I had to find out for myself that she was talking to him. She told me 'I did not tell you because I knew you were going to get mad.'

So am I wrong for not liking the way she thinks. I think I'm right that I got mad about it. I almost ended the relationship because I felt so betrayed. I need someone else's point of view. So can you please help me.

And another question. I have been my girl's first sexual partner and she was mine too. I want to marry her and she wants to marry me but I'm afraid that if I do get married to her, she would start wondering how it would be if she have had sex with other men.

She does not complain about our sex life she says is great and she would like to keep me forever and that I satisfy her in every way. So I'm just hoping you can help me with my problems.

Thank you for your time.

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