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A Saddened Individual

Dear Dr. Love

I had the opportunity of receiving an anwser from you about a year ago, so if someone needs you more than I, I understand. You see Doc. my life seems so meaningless lately. I hate going to work, and college, but most of all most everyone doesn't like me. The problem is everyone thinks I'm gay and all the teens in town call me that even if I drive by.

The truth is, I'm very much straight. I love girls more than anyone, but because I don't like to fight and I don't hang out with the guys than everyone labels me. Actually, I'm really fasinated by this girl named Leslie, but it's almost like she doesn't even try to let me get close to her. She is so beautiful, smart, and has the most witty, yet, charming personality.

The reason I'm so miserable is because I fear people, I'm always afraid they're going to try to hurt me. Not all people, just teenage males and mean old redneck men.

I went to the doctor and she increased my paxil but I believe that this is something medicine or theorpy can't help, I just need a true friend with real advice. Like you Dr. Love.

Well anyways, if you can help me it would really be appreciated.


A sadened Individual


I'm sorry you're sad. It sounds like you don't fit in where you are. I imagine you doing better in a big city, where there are lots of people of all kinds. It sounds like you are in a small town that's comprised of narrow minded rednecks and teenage guys who are terribly afraid of their own homosexual tendencies.

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