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Reconciliation Man



I am 41, she is 43.

We had an incredible romance for the first six months.  Soon after, anything that involved her parents took precedence; holidays, anniversaries and special plans consistently got canceled.

My anger got the best of me; her stubborness did.  I also put up walls, preventing effective communication due to being so hurt.  That said, we had fun together and were quite close.

Bottom line, I can get by anything and everything in a relationship.  She cannot.  We are no longer together.

The connectivity we had even towards the end was second to none, during the four year we were actually together.

I cannot get over this very beautiful, wonderful lady off my mind.  I would settle for losing out to parents on holidays and the like, just to be with  her.

She says no shot.  So, any shot or do I move on?  The latter is easier said  than done...



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