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Overweight Boy Who Thinks He Has a Small Penis

I am a 15 year old boy that is overweight, about 273 pounds. And I'm wondering if my weight has something to do with my penis being so small.

Could you please help me.


Before you freak yourself out with a half-cocked theory about your penis being too small, let's make sure that it is, in fact, undersized.

Let's start with the fact that most males continue to grow until they are nineteen years old or so. You are not full-grown, so keep that in mind when you scrutinize your penis. Secondly, the average size of an adult male's penis is between four and six inches when erect. Unerect penises are obviously smaller.

Some men have unerect penises that are only a couple of inches long and then they grow to four inches or so when erect. The next time you have an erection, get out your ruler and measure yourself. I'll bet you are within normal range. If you are a bit smaller than the range I outlined, keep in mind that you are still growing.

I also want you to check that you are developing normally. I assume that you have hair growth under your armpits and in your genital region. If you don't, then you need to see an endocrinolgist who can study your hormone production and determine whether you have an imbalance that is causing you to gain weight and not develop properly.

Since you didn't mention any other problems, I suspect that you are fine. Keep in mind that a normal sized penis will look small on a body that is overweight. A normal sized penis looks just right when a body is of normal size. It seems to me that your real problem is your weight, not your penis.

Let's talk a little bit about your weight problem, a subject that I have studied extensively. Did you know that 20 percent of the American population turns carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, sugar, sweets, sodas) into fat? This explains why the low fat/high carbohydrate diet that has become so popular in the last decade has caused a rise in obesity in America.

lue in the face, eat very low calories, and still put on weight! Carbohydrate intolerance is also considered the cause of heart disease, clogged arteries, strokes, diabetes, and many other health plagues. The best news is that many of these problems are preventable through a diet that is designed for your own unique body chemistry.

I have recently learned that there is an in-home test, created by a leading bio-chemist, which will tell you if your body is turning carbohydrates into fat. This test will also tell you the exact proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are right for your body.

If you want to find out more about this, contact a colleague of mine, Dr. Emile Jean Pin, at 845-677-1253 and he will tell you how to order the test. Once you trim down your body, I am sure that you will see that your penis is just fine the way it is.

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