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Not Sure She'll Drop By

Well I happen to like this girl, but she is from a conservative family and doesn't go out with anyone. So i have difficulty meeting her.

I initially wanted to be friends with her but I actually am looking for a long term relationship. I talk to her almost everyday online but i am never sure when she'll drop by. I seriously don't want to lose her.

Could you help me out in this.


It is clear that you care deeply for this girl. Why don't you open your heart to her. Tell her exactly what you told me.

That you care for her and want to have a relationship with her. Tell her that you are never sure when she'll drop by and you would like to figure out a way of having more frequent contact. Tell her you don't want to lose her.

You have nothing to lose by being honest and everything to gain. Remember, warm feelings are infectious. It is very likely that she will feel more drawn to you when you open your heart to her.

By being passive, your relationship won't progress. Let me know what happens.

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