Is My Girlfriend Lying To Me?

Dear Dr. Love,

I'm 43 year-old male who's been looking for a new female companion. It's been 2 year since my last relationship and I feel over that now. I met a woman about a month ago and see here everyday on her terms. I don't get her phone #, she says she lives with here aunt on an estate. I know of another exboyfriend who lives in the same town as this presumed aunt.

I pick her up and drop her off each day, at a local spot in town. I feel she lives with this ex friend because I know his address. She is always walking to or from that general area (Same Street). And not from where she says her aunt lives. Her dialog however is always refering to her aunt. When I tried to confront her in a way that I just wanted the truth, she became very angry at me and said she was not F**king him and she lived with her rich aunt. I told her I don't mind where she lived but just wanted her to be honest.

I found the guys phone number on the net by the address. I called it from a phone booth and she answered the phone and I hung up. I am tring to ignore this and to believe her but it tears me up inside everyday. How can I get her to tell me the truth or I feel she should want to do that on her own when it's the right time and to just let things take there course for now. that 's it for now and thanx for being out there. . .

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