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Long Distance Lover

I recently met this guy online. We are now working on what I could call a relationship. He has been bruised before and so have I but somehow we are both falling in love with each other.

The biggest challenge is that I live in Botswana and he is back home which is quite far from Botswana. I do not go home a lot but I will be home for at least a month soon. I am soon going to university but I do not know where I will be schooling.

We both want the relationship to work out but what are the chances of it working? How do we keep the love flowing with the distance and the fact that I do not know where I will be next year? Please advise.


Love will always flow so long as you both manage to share your thoughts and feelings and emotionally connect with each other as often as possible. Be open and honest and don't swallow negative feelings.

Distance doesn't destroy love but improperly handled negative feelings sure do!

Keep in mind that the distance may actually be a blessing in that it gives two people who are gun-shy adequate space and distance to gradually develop a connection. This space and distance may be just what you both need to allow yourselves to slowly connect!

When there is love there is always hope, no matter how great the distance, no matter where you're studying. If you are right for each other, you will manage the distance, see each other when you can, and eventually unite when the time is right.

Don't give up. Your love is worth fighting for.

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