Lady Who is Feeling Verbally Beaten

Hi there,

I've been in a relationship for six years and it's been really hard, I feel as though he is always trying to change me to be 'a better person' I feel as though I am a good person and the way he talks to me sounds like insults and when I tell him that he says I just don't know how to communicate and I get to offended because I don't like anyone telling me anything.

That may be true to some point because I was on my own since I was 14 and I'm not used to having an authority figure over me telling me how to live my life. But I am very successful so far, I am 23 and I already own my home and I have a very stable job, and my son comes first in my life.

I don't feel like I don't know how to communicate but I have to admit ive become a little insecure about it and when I talk to him things just are not coming out right.

He questions everything I do as far as discussions ive made for myself or my son or why am I cooking like that, I feel its very hard to live under this pressure and I'm very depressed at home. one incident is one night he had an appt. after work and I didn't know when he'd be home so I ate, and when he got home I asked him if he would like something to eat.

He asked if I had already eaten I said yes, and he said I'll have the leftover pizza, but I had eaten that, so I offered to make him something else. He made the comment that I don't look out for him since their was nothing ready for him, but didn't I show concern because I did offer to make him something?

He said I always mess up his plans, I was pissed! This isn't the only time he makes comments like this, the last time I had to work late he was still at home waiting for me to cook dinner and since I had already eaten at work, he said I don't expect you to know what to do since your mother never taught you.

I really feel this is unnecessary, and my feelings are hurt, Please give me some advice I don't know if I want to be with him anymore but I don't know if all women have to deal with this in their relationships.

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