Lady That's Being Verbally Abused

Dear Dr Love:

I do hope that you will answer to my e-mail as i have been struggling with this relationship problem of mine for almost a year. I have sought the help of professionals, people like therapistis and counsellors but to no avail. Most of them do not really seem to understand what i am trying to say / express and offer fixed methods of advice.

I have a boyfriend of 2 years who have been rather abusive both verbally and emotionally. He would flare up at the smallest things and hurl vulgarities at me. As a result, i often doubt whether he really loves me or not. This prompted me to ask him whether if he really loves me after every quarrel. and his reply ? more verbal abuse!

I have tried calming him down by talking to him nicely, by leaving him alone for a short period of time and by bringing him to see counsellors, but all these do not seem to help.

In the meantime, i am feeling rather depressed, hurt and angry with myself for loving a guy who constantly brings me out for a
' rollercoaster' ride : that is, his way of care or being nice is only dependent upon his mood.

I can't seem to trust him now. His work comes into frequent contact with attractive females and furthermore, he has above average looks with a'charming personality' in public.

I am really breaking apart as i feel the inner tourment within myself whenever i see him, loving him yet not quite loving him.

PLEASE ADVISE and your help is very much appreciated.

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