He's Issued an Ultimatum

Hi Dr. Love.

I am a college female and I am desperate for advice. I am in a two-year relationship with someone that I love so much, but when he does something wrong I let him get away with it after staying mad for a day or so.

However, I only did one thing wrong by not trusting him and he wanted to break up until I begged him not to. He set down rules such as I cannot look at his cell phone or ask where and with whom he goes on the weekends.

I know for a fact he had not been cheating, so I do not know why he wants to be so secretive with his phone and papers. He even asked me not to see my best friend of 12 years ever again because she was involved in the fight where I did not trust him and he feels she betrayed him.

What should I do? I cannot abandon my friend.

Should I move out and hope he realizes he was too demanding after the fight, or should I stay with him and later ask him to change his mind about these controlling rules when he calms down from the fight?

Please help.

Thank you,

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