He Has a Friend that You're Not Willing to Accept

dear dr. love,

my boyfriend and i have been together off and on for the last 4 years. once again we are giving it another shot and i really feel that it is going to be forever this time, except for this one little problem, he has a 'friend' that i am not willing to accept.

it is a female and they only talk on occassion, but i don't know her or even have a clue what she looks like, he expects me to not be jealous. he says i can't meet her because she does not like me due to the things i have done to him, mind you they have only been friends for 5 months now, we have been together 4 years, she has no clue.

i want to be able to just let the issue go and move on but i can't and this is causing major problems, i am very insecure and jealous and he is aware of this yet he's not helping matters by keeping this secret friend. i suggested we make a deal, he gives me a year to prove that i have changed and that we can really give it a shot and when that year is up i can finally meet her and prove her wrong. am i being ridiculous?

there are a lot of details as to why our relationship has been so off and on and i'm sure it would help a great deal if you knew details, i really would just appreciate some advice on what to do about this female friend of his. i don't think he is cheating, he doesn't have time because he is always with me, i just don't feel comfortable with him or i having a private life outside of our relationship.

what do i do? help!!!!!

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