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Is He Cheating?

My boyfriend and I are extremely happy. I've never been so happy and he sincerely seems to feel just the same.

So, I was shaken to the core when I recently found out that he has been checking out pics of local girls on 'myspace'. He's with me all the time, I know he isn't out actually meeting other people. And he swears that he is truly not searching for someone new. Can this be chalked up to and dealt with as male curiosity. Or is it more likely a warning sign?

I'm really sick about this! Please help as soon as you can, I very much look forward to reading your response!!!


It is true that men are not monogamous by nature. As I explain in my book, in order to insure the continuance of the species, men are biologically programmed to impregnate as many females as possible! A quick look at male biology and you'll see the proof of what I said above.

For one thing, men have endless supplies of sperm and can be fertile till the end of their lives. Once a woman is impregnated she's out of commission and can't conceive or bear another child for another year! Meanwhile, look at how many babies a man can create during this period.

So you must face the fact that we are dealing with a biological imperative that can't be changed. While a man isn't wired for monogamy, when he loves a woman he will move heaven and earth to stay faithful to her. Looking at pictures allows him to satisfying his need for variety while still remaining faithful to you!

It sure sounds like your guy is devoted to you and faithful. I wouldn't worry about him.

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