Engaged to be Married and Still in Love with Your Ex

I am 29, mother of 1 (3 year girl) engaged to her father who I have been with for 6 years. Wedding date is 2. 5 months away.

From the beginning our relationship has been a rocky one. Lots of arguments, many in front of our daughter. But if my daughter had not come into the picture I know I would have broken it off long ago. But 6 years later and I haven't had the guts to do anything about.

I love him cause he's the father of my child and because I have spent the last 6 years with him. I know that he loves me totally and would be crushed to find out any different.

My problem is. I am still in love with my ex who I dated for 4 years before my current man. 7 years after we stopped seeing each other and I am still in love with him. I recently decided that I had to confront him and tell him how I felt, and asked him to tell me that he was happy with his life and that I needed to get married and move on.

Instead he tells me he stills loves me and always will love me. So now I sit totally confused not wanting to hurt my fiancee and call off a wedding so late. I feel I have made my bed and know I need to lie in it.

Don't get me wrong, marrying him wouldn't be that bad I just know in my heart who I love.

Help me please, I have recently gone on antidepressants and have lost weight all over this situation. I feel sick to my stomach on what to do.

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