Desperate for Advice

Hi, I am 20 yrs old, female, and have just broken up with my first love.

We dated for just over a year and have been best friends for 5. We are both engineering students, and our school life is very demanding. We started to see less and less of each other because of school.

As things were getting complicated, he found out that he got a 16 month job placement out of town.

He says he loves me, but being 20 yrs old, he is not ready for that big of a commitment. What bothers me is that 4 months ago, we were so madly in love that we both were willing to go through it, but something has changed with him. We broke up, the bigger reason being because he is moving away in 2 months.

I feel like he's been manipulating me, and I've been falling for it.

We've been broken up for a week and a half. Last weekend we both went to a friend's party. This was the first time that we were out together broken up.

He ended up flirting with a friend that was there, and they started to get physical in front of me. I was heartbroken to see him act like that after a week of being broken up. After all we have been through. To put me through something like that.

I've been so depressed lately, because I can't get away from him. We all have the same friends. I feel like I'm being excluded. They all live happily ever after, and I stay at home crying. I lost him, along with part of my friends.

I love him so much. But I don't want to push him away. What can I do to get him back? How can I go out with my friends again?

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