Confused, Hurt and Angry

My husband of almost 10 years,had an affair with a girl whom was my little sister's friend...

I allowed her to stay in our home unti she could get on her feet...she got on her back instead! 

We had a rocky relationship from the start (my husband & I) yet it was still us.  She is now pregnant with what might be my husband's child (she was also sleeping with a few others).  He was planning on moving in with her but couldn't let go of the problem is I know that she don't want to let go.

I love my husband, he says he loves me and treats me better now, but I refuse to let all of this go...I am starting counseling soon because I now go from one extreme to the other emotionally. 

How can I tell if all this hell that I am going through is worth the pain?  I really need your help.  I am soo confused, hurt,& empty.

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