Cannot Trust My Girlfriend

I am 18 she is 17. . . . Please help me i have a major problem. For some reason i cannot trust my girlfriend. We have been together for a year and I have every reason in the world to be able to trust her but for some reson i cant.

I am constantly worried if she is trying to impress other guys, she says she doesnt and i want to believe her so bad. How can i start to trust her. I just get to feeling so jealous because if she goes dancing she would wind up dancing with another guy. . . . that made me SO MAD!!.

. . she got upset that it made me mad and that i wasnt trusting her. . . She says i go there to DANCE and i would never cheat on you. I DO NOT KNOW WHY I CANNOT TRUST HER!! I feel SO BAD THAT I CANNOT. . . . . cause she is gonna go to college far away and i wont see her and if i continue to feel this way it is gonna RUIN us.

I love her to death and i want to be with her for the rest of my life and she says she wants the same thing too. . . . butnot unless i trust her. . . . PLEASE HELP ME!! thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo MUCH. . . . . .

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