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I wish that I could answer every question that I receive. But I'm only one person with a very busy clinical practice and media schedule!

As a community service, I randomly select 3 questions per week to answer for free. I post my answers each week in my online column, generally before the broadcast of my radio show.




1) Search my Advice Archives: My Archives are the world's first searchable relationship advice database containing thousands of answers that I've posted over the past 17 years! You can learn, heal and grow just by reading the answers I've given to questions just like yours. 

2) Read my new Hay House book Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love's 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship.

This book is your relationship bible. It has helped countless couples go from conflict to connection. My method works even if only one of the partners reads the book and puts my step in place. My method also guides you to resolve conflicts with friends, family members and even co-workers.

3) Listen to My Radio Show: My show airs each Tuesday from 1-2 pm EST. Each week, I address a different relationship topic and take live calls. Thousands of people listen to the show after it airs, but if you wish to speak with me live, you can call in anonymously or you can submit me a question that you'd like me to answer anonymously on air

4) Private Consulting with Me: If you would like to consult with me by phone, email or Skype, feel free to reach out to me in my private consulting division using the dropdown menu on the top of this page. Private consults are fee for service.


Question Submission Guidelines and Terms:

1) You must be a registered and logged in member of the site to submit your question.

2) All questions submitted to the Free Advice column are eligible for publishing on this Web site. If you do not want your question and its answer published on this site, do not submit a question to the Free Advice column using this form. Private consultations not published on this site must be paid for and are not submitted through this location. Private paid consultations may be done by phone or by email.

3) Not all questions are answered and published: your question may or may not be chosen. Questions are also not answered immediately, but are reviewed and published at minimum within a week. However, if your question is chosen and answered, you will receive a brief notification at the email address you registered on this site with. 

4) All published submissions are anonymous and use an alias: no personal information is publicly divulged on this site, and we cannot and will not reveal personal information regarding any site members or authors of questions to any third party unless required by a court order (which has never happened in 16+ years, but legally we have to say that...). reserves all rights to all content published on this site.

Since you must be a registered and logged in member to submit a question, you now have three choices:

I welcome your submissions and look forward to helping you!

- Dr. Jamie Turndorf


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"If anger and fighting are ruining your dream of a happy marriage, Dr. Turndorf’s conflict resolution program is for you."

-- John Gray,
Author of NY Times #1 bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"This well-researched book offers a thorough, step-by-step program that provides tools for couples to heal even the most troubled relationships."

-- Dr. John Mack
Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

“This book provides a down-to-earth, easy to apply, proven method for creating relationship harmony. This book should be mandatory reading for every couple that wants to head-off or resolve the inevitable relationship conflicts and build lasting love. Buy this book and put it to use!”

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"Dr. Turndorf is an amazing individual who has wonderful advice to offer men and women of all ages and in all types of relationships. Ignore her counsel at your peril!"

-- Bill Hammond III,
Winner of the Best Historical Fiction Award, 2012

"You are awesome Dr. Jamie. You really are. The best part about you is the way you translate complex psychological stuff into easy to understand and actionable insights."

-- Kajay Williams,
Producer Relationship Advice Cafe

"Let me tell you why you're extremely important now. I really believe your message is there. You're spot on. More and more people should be taking advantage of what you're offering."

-- Michael Dresser,
Syndicated Radio Host

"Good stuff. Great insight. I love your approach. Who doesn't need more healing. I love your idea of using your partner as a healing agent. That's such a great way to see your partner. You give great labels and patterns to look for. I love your method. You make it sound so easy. You have a great website with lots of great information and resources. These are the tools we all need."

-- Dr. Matt Townsend,
Host, The Matt Townsend Show