Dr. Turndorf Has Relationships Figured Out

"Dr. Turndorf has relationships figured out. If you want a great relationship, you must listen to her show,  read her book and follow her 10-step method for lasting love."

-- Jack Canfield,
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul billion-dollar book empire

Dr. Turndorf’s Program Is For You

"If anger and fighting are ruining your dream of a happy marriage (or relationship), Dr. Turndorf’s program is for you."

-- John Gray,
Author of NY Times #1 bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus



Latest News

  • Dr. Turndorf will be on
    Wake Up - The Sound of Transformation with Michael Bernard Beckwith

           Friday, December 25th at 1pm PST, KPKF 90.7 FM

           Los Angeles - 98.7 FM Santa Barbara 93.7 FM N.

         San Diego - 99.5 FM Ridgecrest/China Lake.  Or listen online at www.kpkf.org

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Upcoming Events

  • Unity Church, St. Petersburg Florida. (new date to be determined)
  • Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY. August 7 2016 2-5 pm.
  • Cruise the Healing Seas with Dr. Turndorf

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Free Gift With Purchase

Order Love Never Dies today and send proof of purchase to webmaster@askdrlove.com to receive Dr. Turndorf's Bigger Game Expo talk in which her husband's amazing manifestation is captured on video!


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